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About us


EQUITA Capital SGR was established in 2019 to create a platform dedicated to the management of liquid and illiquid assets on behalf of institutional investors and banking groups, looking for highly customized solutions for their retail clients.

EQUITA Capital SGR leverages on a team of leading professionals with an extensive experience in alternative assets. Our senior managers have decades of experience working in financial markets, private equity and private debt.

EQUITA Capital SGR is part of the EQUITA Group, the leading independent Italian investment bank listed on the STAR segment of Euronext Milan stock exchange, with 50 years of experience in serving companies and institutional investors.


Independence, multi-asset management approach, multidisciplinary skills and competences, enriched by the presence of the other areas of expertise of the EQUITA Group, are some of the features that make EQUITA Capital SGR to stand out in the market, in addition to the full alignment of interests between managers and investors (guaranteed by co-investments of the management team in the sponsored initiatives).




Focus on illiquid proprietary assets

Deep understanding of financial markets and entrepreneurial skills

Co-invested managers

Key People

CEO and Managing Partner - Head of Liquid Strategies

Matteo Ghilotti

Co-Head AAM and Managing Partner - Head of Private Debt

Paolo Pendenza

Managing Partner - Head of Private Equity

Rossano Rufini

Cazac EGIF
Managing Partner - Head of Infrastructures

Balthazar Cazac


EQUITA Capital SGR adopted an articulated set of organizational safeguards aimed at preventing and managing potential conflicts of interest; the separation of EQUITA Group subsidiaries and the creation of completely independent investment committees guarantee an optimal governance structure.

EQUITA Capital SGR’s Board of Directors is composed by Luigi Roth, independent Chairman, Matteo Ghilotti, CEO, and by Rossano Rufini and Paolo Pendenza, executive directors in charge of private equity and private debt, respectively. Stefania Milanesi (EQUITA Group CFO, COO and Executive Director) and Michela Zeme (Independent director) complete the Board.

Luigi Roth

Luigi Roth


Matteo Ghilotti

Matteo Ghilotti

Executive Officer

Paolo Pendenza

Paolo Pendenza

Executive Director
Private Debt

Rossano Rufini

Rossano Rufini

Executive Director
Private Equity

Stefania Milanesi

Stefania Milanesi

Director and
Group CFO

Michela Zeme

Michela Zeme



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EQUITA Capital SGR's unique approach focused on building partnerships with companies, entrepreneurs and leading private equity funds has been well recognized by the market and the financial community for years.

Our people

"Passion in financial markets and finance in general, teamwork and attention to clients"

At EQUITA Capital SGR, we are looking for professionals and young talent. We invest our professionals' training thoughout their career and we hire and remunerate on a meritocratic base.

The EQUITA Group

EQUITA is the leading independent investment bank in Italy.

As the go-to partner of investors, institutions, listed companies, corporates and entrepreneurs, EQUITA acts as broker, financial advisor and alternative asset management platform by offering a broad range of financial services that include M&A and corporate finance advisory, access to capital markets, insights on financial markets, trading ideas and investment solutions, in Italy and abroad, assisting clients with their financial projects and strategic initiatives.

Drawing on half a century of experience, EQUITA is committed to promote the role of finance by creating value for the economy and the entire financial system, thanks to its deep understanding of markets, strategic transactions, and sustainability.

A unique business model, where research is at the core of the strategy and where clients get access to a leading trading floor constantly connected with financial markets globally, a successful track-record in the execution of investment banking transactions – enhanced also by the international partnership with Clairfield who identifies cross-border opportunities for Italian and foreign companies – and a proved expertise in the management of investment funds, especially in illiquid asset classes like private debt, private equity, infrastructures and renewables.

EQUITA stands out for its independence and integrity, the commitment of its professionals to best-serve clients, and the concept of “partnership” that sees its managers and employees as shareholders of an investment bank listed on the Italian Stock Exchange as “STAR” company.